Node-RED farmOS library

I’m starting to hack together a farmOS library for node-red! Not sure what all this might evolve into, but I think it would be great to create some “farmOS Auth” nodes to simplify connecting to a farmOS server, and create some nodes to read/create logs, assets, areas, and post to sensors. I think we could create a configuration node, too, that could hold farmOS credentials. I wanted to start a thread to get some ideas from others.

I’ve hacked together some flows that support Drupal Auth (cookie + csrf token) and support for farmOS OAuth which is in development. I added a couple dashboard elements that pull some basic info from the API. You should be able to import the JSON from my gist (you can click on these images to expand)

The next steps to create some custom nodes might be pretty straightforward. We could probably start a github repo for that.


@dornawcox might be interested in this!