Pipe seperator is not working in plant asset import?

For example “vilvam|zone2” not parsed while importing in parents column.

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The parents column expects a comma-separated list of asset names.

Do you have a pipe character in the name of an asset? Or are you trying to assign two different parents, with the pipe character as a separator? If the former, maybe there’s a bug? If the latter, try using a comma instead.

(For location hierarchy, it’s probably best to just have a single parent for each location.)

We were trying to import a plant asset with two parents one is property and another is field. when we did export of this plant asset the csv file had pipe separator for this parent column.

Also, if we use a comma separator it would consider as another field.

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You can use a comma separator as long as the whole cell is wrapped in double-quotes.

Regarding CSV export/import similarity and limitations, see this next step: https://www.drupal.org/project/farm/issues/2900239

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