Sensor tagged to an animal


This is my first post on the forum and would like to start by congratulating Mike and the FarmOS community for this neat solution. Also appreciate Mike’s promptness when he recently helped me to close a request within 3 hours!

I have started exploring the hosted trial version recently.

Currently the sensors are tagged to an area of the farm. Is it possible to tag a sensor to an animal or another equipment at the farm. Eg a sensor around animal’s neck. The tagging of the sensor to the animal or asset should be through a data field mapping on the UI. The sensor readings could then be displayed in the animal/asset display page too.

A workaround, though not the best option, is to name the sensor that aligns to the specific animal or asset. eg ‘Sensor_Cow1’. However this method has its challenges.

Please let me know if such a tagging feature is available on the github version of the project or there is any other method to solve this.

Ah yes! This is something we’ve talked about. See my comment in this related thread:

  1. Ability to “attach” sensors to equipment. This would mean you could say that a sensor asset is “located” in/on the equipment asset. I’ve actually been thinking about this idea in a general context too: allowing for assets to be located in other assets, instead of areas. This would allow you to say, for example, that a particular tractor attachment is located on a particular tractor. And you could record when you attach/remove it. When it’s attached, the equipment is located on the tractor. When it is detached, it’s location is whatever area it is being stored in. This ability is also relevant to this: #2363393: Make “Area” into a type of Farm Asset (where areas would become a type of asset).

Good to know a similar feature was talked about. The tractor use case is interesting too.

In future, I am considering installing sensors on animals, and on equipment to id other equipment in proximity.

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