Animal asset Map Labels

I have added my cattle and sheep in mobs using records representing multiple animals using inventory. Is there any way to have the map show an inventory count for each mob instead of simply showing how many records are located in each paddock? Is there any significance in the green colour of the labels?


As my animals are grouped into mobs, the Metrics are pretty meaningless for me. I suppose that means 6 animal asset records exist, however in reality it records an inventory of several hundred cattle and sheep.


Ah good catch, @Logger - you’re right those metrics should be taking into account inventory. They are not currently.

It might be a bit trickier for the icons on the map… but we should think that through.

Would you mind opening a new issue in GitHub for this? If you want to just copy your description and screenshots above that’s perfect.

Is there any significance in the green colour of the labels?

Nope! Not yet anyway. Just green. :slight_smile:

Done Github issue created. Thnx.

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Thanks @Logger!

Hi to all,

Any progress with mob labels representing the current mob’s tally?

Also, about label color, I find useful identifying animal species by colors, for example
blue → cattle
green → sheep
orange → deer
grey → horse
yellow → beehives

Color brings instant understanding of mob type location on the map,
which is very useful for a farmer that shifts mobs several times a day (my case)

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Welcome to the forum @Guillermo!!

I’d love to see color coding by animal type! farmOS v2 should make this easier. I would recommend following a similar pattern to what we did with land types. The main difference is that animals use taxonomy terms, so we’d need to associate a color with each term. This could get burdensome… but perhaps it could be automated somehow as a default.

FYI to anyone else finding this thread:

Nothing happened in the GitHub issue that was created for farmOS v1, and now we’re on v2, so we closed the issue and are back to using this thread to discuss ideas until someone wants to put together a pull request. We aren’t using GitHub for feature requests anymore.

There are some libraries for automatically choosing distinct/distinguishable colors. e.g. GitHub - google/palette.js: Script for generating colour palettes for use with graphs, charts and cartography.

I think the main nuance is whether that selection happens at runtime (in the map behavior) on the basis of which animal types are in the current map view or as some sort of admin configuration so the colors are always consistent (the same for a given animal type).

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Or a middle ground: store the color on the animal term, editable by users, but auto-generated on term creation.

@Symbioquine I think custom configuration at admin level is the answer.
Every farm situation is different.
For example, I would like to set all cattle mobs in blue. In the future I may set custom colors to different cattle classes (ie. mixed aged cows as blue, bulls as black, yearlings as light blue, etc.) overriding my previous setup.


… I have to study this —haven’t even created an animal asset yet!— however, mob color being so important to me, I won’t mind setting colors one by one to my animal types

Sounds good !

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This actually reminds me of this idea: Maps as a full-fledged record type [#3175030] |

Tl;dr: the ability to create custom maps, and define what layers (and their colors) to include in them.

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Combined with this idea: Use layout builder for farmOS dashboard [#3238637] |

… admins could potentially build their own map configurations and embed them in the dashboard.