Starting work on farmOS-map library

We’ve started working on

The goal is to extract the farmOS map out into its own library, written purely in Openlayers Javascript.

The motivation for doing so is twofold:

  1. We want to be able to include maps in the farmOS Field Kit app (offline/native mobile app):
  2. The Drupal Openlayers module is the single biggest dependency we have in farmOS right now which does not have an upgrade path for Drupal 8. By simplifying our maps to pure Openlayers JS (without the Drupal module wrappers), we can drop it as a dependency. This will allow us to upgrade to Drupal 8 and reuse the farmOS-map library in farmOS 2.0.

So in many ways, this is one of the first big steps towards farmOS 2.0, along with the Field Kit app.

My hope is that it will also encourage more developers to contribute to the farmOS mapping features, by making it more approachable as standard Openlayers JavaScript code. If you have ideas, or want to join in, let us know!


Update: been making steady progress! @jgaehring is working on integrating farmOS-map into Field Kit for drawing custom movement geometries, and I am working on integrating it into farmOS itself. See the following issues/milestones to track ongoing progress:


Relevant comment in the farmOS 2.x issue: