farmOS Monthly Call, 12 May 2021

farmOS Monthly Call

This is a living thread for the 2021-05-12 farmOS monthly call. For general information about these monthly calls see

12 May 2021 - Call Link


  1. (15 min) 2.x Status Updates and Feedback Discussion
  2. (15 min) Making farmOS-map more modular and extensible - (optional pre-reading for the intrepid:
  3. Question: Should we open a proposal to sponsor some design work for farmOS (eg, illustrations, icons, etc)?

Note: Time boxes above are based on the current proposed agenda items and are negotiable if additional agenda items come to light.


  • Michael Stenta, Jamie Gaehring, Paul Weidner, Orion Russel Blake, Johannes Lauer, Rosemary Steup, Victoria Cox, Brendan Kristiansen, Jason, Kevin Lumbard, Nick Weinstock, Bea, Morgan (Symbioquine)


  • 2.x Status Updates and Feedback Discussion (Mike)
    • UX Feature Survey Results
      • SurveyStack
      • Lots of interest in Quick Forms
      • May integrate planting and animal movement QF’s into Crop Plans and Grazing Plans respectively
    • Field Kit & farmOS.js 2.x updates (Jamie)
  • General discussion and quesions
    • Paul: subtypes for certain types of logs & assets
      • Morgan: can categories fill that role?
      • Jamie: user-defined or programmatically defined subtypes?
    • Mike: Anyone using 2.x yet?
      • Johannes tried installing, might try out
      • CSV importers etc
  • Making farmOS-map more modular and extensible (Morgan)
    • farmOS-map is pretty big now, and is in one chunk
    • loading behaviors asynchronously
    • Two contexts
      • client-side JS apps (eg, Field Kit)
      • server-side Drupal modules
    • Webpack module federation
    • npm run build in Docker? or other build options
    • Implications for Field Modules?
  • Brendan: import a map layer into farmOS from their system
  • Paul: dev call next Thurs

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