farmOS Monthly Call, 13 September 2023

farmOS Monthly Call, 13 September 2023

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023 6:00 PM - Call Link


  1. Community Q&A, Show & Tell, etc [5-10min]
  2. Invite everyone to weekly dev call for ongoing schema discussions
  3. New features coming in farmOS v2.2.0
    • Configurable quick forms
    • UI enhancements
    • Setup UI
    • Account Admin role
    • CSV importers(?)
  4. What’s next?
    • farmOS v3/ Drupal 10
    • Simple Oauth v6
    • Ongoing MODUS work
    • Various UI improvements, inventory quick form
  5. Demo of create-field-module by @jgaehring ( - npm)
  6. Create new wiki topic for next month from template.


  • Michael Stenta
  • Darren Wright (Buzz KC)
  • Fosten
  • Jamie Gaehring
  • Amber
  • wotnak
  • Paul Weidner
  • Vic SF
  • eddie maher
  • Symbioquine

Whoops, I realize the link I sent in chat was the wrong npm scope. It should have been, not @jgaehring/create-field-module:

Here are my running notes from the call if anyone needs to catch up-- So many awesome & exciting updates!

New features coming in 2.2.0 (from 2.1.2)

  • Introducing configurable quick forms - nothing new with UI, but a new developer feature if you’re making quickforms
  • Ability to create a unified, official way to allow quickforms to have configuration - for example, if you use the eggs contributed quick form, could take a version of that and allow for multiple differently structured ways of expressing it
  • Same with Inventory - could configure for hay, seed, etc - configured to associate with a specific asset
  • Has allowance for much greater complexity - could configure Spraying quickform with your different mixes to have differnt prepouplated form for each one

UI enhancements from Paul No live demo, but can link to forum topics - 2 main things as part of Action

  • Table listings for things like Assets & Logs to reduce white space
  • Dashboard improvements for accessability & readability
  • Taking standard ‘card’ theme & adding to dashboard

Improvements to editing pages (Mike’s favorite improvement!), adding sidebar to hold asset metadata, adding vertical tabs to group categories within a form for better navigation, moved ‘save’ button to top of page

adding setup page

  • Supporting Our-Sci work with Rothamstead farms & OpenTEAM
  • Setup area distinct from settings, new setup module has its own menu - makes it easier to navigate to modules, taxonomy pages, etc.
  • Can also add different types of setup pages for notifications, products, or other things that need initial configuration.

-Distinguishing from settings by creating content, things you need to do on a regular basis . Settings would be something only the owner would do, but Setup has lower permissioning so more people can access, modify and change

  • Improves UX for what’s available now, and also opens door for additional improvements.

CSV importer improvements - trying to strike balance between set of default importers for assets & logs, but also provide a framework for creating your own csv importer templates - can’t build in UI yet, need to bring in a yml file, but that’s a possibility for the future. ([using drupal Migrate API yaml)

-set log type, set destination, add different places for each CSV column then autogenerate log names -can also define permissions/access & define columns

What’s next?

-Modus module for farmOS -this month focused on wrapping up these things that we just showed

  • After that, focusing more on backend - need to update from drupal 9 to drupal 10 - this will also mean that we’re going to jump from farmOS v2 - v3 updating oauth scopes (packets of permissions) to allow for better consent management

After that, back to UI & frontend improvements -

  • May add quickform for inventory managment - ability to manage inventory by product - quantity etx - already have the ability to do this by asset, will have ‘product’ asset - this will be useful for sharing inventory availability for marketplace tracking etc
  • May spend some time porting Crop Module from v1-v2 Also participating in collabathons!

farmOS 2.2 by the end of this month - just trying to decide if we want to include csv importer in this release or the next one


Thanks @vic !!!