Wiki: Conventions Quick Links

Wiki: farmOS Conventions

A collection of useful links and other information regarding farmOS Conventions.

General documentation & drafts

General information on what conventions are, how they are to be structured and used. As of Feb 2023, however, there is no “official” standard, strictly formalized specification, or governing body to determine what those are.

Published & proposed conventions

The conventions themselves, currently being proposed for eventual publication.


Much of the rationale behind farmOS conventions has been archived in public discussions here on the farmOS forum and in various git repositories. Many more topics can be found under the Conventions category here on the forum, but these threads should trace the main arch its development. They are organized in reverse chronological order according to their first posts, although they may all have more current and ongoing comments.

Conventions are also occasionally discussed in the farmOS Community Calls, held on the second Wednesday of each month. Specific proposals or inquiries can be added to the agenda for any upcoming call.


Thanks for starting this @jgaehring! I created a dedicated “Conventions” category, moved this topic to it, and pinned it.

How about we rename this to “Wiki: Conventions Quick Links” and make that the focus? I’ll add some quick links from Documenting conventions as a start, but feel free to modify! I think a quick link wiki topic would be really helpful - and hopefully that captures the spirit of what you suggested on the call!

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Thanks for doing the hard work of getting the actual info filled in!

For reference, when I suggested this today, I kinda had in mind this old wiki from the working group that developed the first published specification of ActivityPub (though they’re no longer active, being superseded by newer groups):

It seems to have served as a good intro to their WG, what the latest news was, what was their process, how to get engaged, etc. In retrospect, it’s also a great historical document! I just happened to be digging around recently, looking at the history of ActivityPub, and so I guess it was in the back of my mind. Anyways, this looks great!


Just reorganized this a bit, to give a little more context for anyone new coming to the topic. Might also add a link for the community calls, for people interested in real-time discussion.