Add color field to log categories

Moving this over from:

Basically, the idea is to auto-generate a unique color for log categories, or allow the user to assign a hex-code manually, like GitHub does for its issue labels:

Could be useful for things other than log categories, too.


Is there any updates on this? I seem to go into a click loop if I follow links. This would be a sweet feature. No pressure. Regards


No one’s working on it, as far as I know. If any developers want to dive in and start with a draft PR feel free! Otherwise maybe a good next step would be to start scoping out the UI/UX in more detail. Not only do we need to figure out the UI/UX for picking/assigning colors, but also list out in detail every place in the UI where the colors would be used. This is is the first step to figuring out what needs to happen in the code to implement it.

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