Log Category defaults - setting or avoiding them

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With regards to log categories, I cannot help but notice the defaults getting in my way. On mobile, it’s a painful step in opening, unticking ‘uncategorized’ and then reticking the others.
Is it possible to set a default, or better… automatically untick ‘uncategorized’ when you tick something else.

This is one of the few things that turn adding a log from being a quick thing toi a chore.
How do you guys deal with this?

Edit: This also applies to Status Pending vs Done. Pending seems to be default, leading to many incorrect upcoming tasks (instead of completed ones)

Regards and best of luck with your farming journeys wherever you are.

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Hey @marlonv could you maybe share a screenshot of what you mean by “unticking uncategorized”? I have a feeling that I know what you are talking about, but I am not sure. It is hard thing to describe but I think there are some UI elements that can behave differently on mobile vs on desktop (and to complicate it, each mobile may behave differently!). That might be another thing to test, is if you experience the same thing on desktop.


That’s possible.
Here is a screenshot.
The other thing, same problem, is the Done vs Pending. Pending seems to be default, yet it’s the one thing I log the least. It’s a bit frustrating to have to change it for every log (when I make 10-40 logs a day).
Thanks for the reply, Paul!

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I have confirmed on desktop browser:

  1. Log categories is an easy selectable list, so clicking the right one deselects None, and it’s not a problem. Does not intrude at all. This is only a mobile oddity (chrome) then. I’ll check FF and switch to that if I must.
  2. Pending is still default on desktop (leading to a bunch of accidental upcoming tasks).
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I wonder if you leave “None” checked what happens - because that’s not actually a real category. I would imagine you can just ignore the fact that it’s “checked” in Chrome and don’t bother unchecking it. Worth a try anyway.

This feels like a good feature request to me. I’m trying to remember if logs were “done” by default in farmOS v1 or not…

In some places in farmOS v1 we automatically set the “Done” checkbox based on whether or not the log timestamp was in the past/future. That could be another approach we take here, which would be nifty.

I would prefer it based on timestamp but I guess that is a bit more involved to code, because I usually create pending logs on desktop and most done logs I do through asset link. So either base on timestamp or a setting I think would be a good idea.


Me too. The desktop is a relaxing slow place to plan ahead, and the phone is fast paced dirty hands while I walk kind of deal. But I also understand it’s a bit harder to write in. I didn’t look at it, but likely js that flips the toggle based on current vs entered date.

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Slightly off topic maybe, but relevant…

When adding logs on the mobile, there’s a lot to scroll to be able to save.
This tread made me think If the helptexts are dropped, and image, files, assets etc are minimized, it could be easier to add logs.

Maybe a “narrow minimal” option?


That is true Pat. It’s cumbersome to log on a mobile device.
There’s nothing I’d like omitted, so a very tight layout would be ideal (coupled with sane defaults and stuff) - would improve the UX a lot. :thinking:

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@paul121 is working[1][2] on bringing Gin improved content form to farmOS forms. This will make save/submit button always visible at the top when scrolling. So for long forms like log entity from there will be no need to scroll to the bottom to save changes, the save button will be always visible stuck at the top of the window under the menu bar. I’m already using this layout for my custom egg harvest form, and it is in fact more convenient to use on a mobile device, even on a relatively short form.

  1. Comparing farmOS:2.x...paul121:2.x-gin-content-form · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub ↩︎

  2. https://www.drupal.org/project/gin/issues/3342164 ↩︎



What does the rightmost do?

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It shows the sidebar. On the desktop sidebar is visible by default, on mobile hidden. The button is used to toggle the sidebar.