Change column order in logs view

The current order of the columns in the log table view is status, ID, timestamp then name. When viewing the logs page on a mobile phone you can only see the status and ID, maybe some of the timestamp. I think it would be more useful to show the log name first followed by timestamp and status. I think the status should come last because if you can see the log name & timestamp you likely have a decent idea whether the activity is done or not.

I think there is also an argument about how useful the log ID is here… do others find the log ID useful in this table? It seems like it takes us valuable space. In the long run it would be nice if this was “configurable” or perhaps something that was accessible from the table but required another click to reveal or display on hover?

Current UI:

Proposed UI:


I agree @paul121 your proposed layout makes far more sense than the current one, I can’t think of a reason why I’d want the log ID visible to us humans at all.


@paul121 I’ve been thinking of this too.

I have no use for the ID as far as I can see.

Actually done/pending could be a checkbox or something. That would also save space.
It maybe break the logic behind, but is that a problem? (Status=P/D or Done=True/False)

One more thing about the table is the word-wrapping. Sometimes useful to see everything, but also poor readability on smaller screens. Quantity is not easy to read, and long log names messes up the table a bit.
In the long run, I think there should be some settings for this. Or a possibility to adjust/rearrange the columns. Also wordwrap could be a setting.
Maybe there could be different setup for small screens?

I also have the dates in wrong format. Should be dd/mm/yyyy in Norway. When creating a new log, the date is in correct format.



My change to version 2 is overdue. One reason I’ve drug my feat is the somewhat inefficient screen use and layouts of the V2 User Interface. V2 did not move in the right direction. The column word wrapping is terrible to read. Maybe the various changes were good for programming, but they were a step backwards for the general user. Granted I don’t have enough user hours as yet. As I make the V2 move, hopefully I’ll figure out how to adapt.


@graffte Check this out if you haven’t already… Layout density setting

Also, we have an issue open for the bug in the way that quantities are rendered, which adds a lot of extra space - I remember you mentioned this one specifically in the past. Hope to fix that one soon because it’s a real pain, I agree!

I had the same experience. Briefly examined V1 at first, and got used to it. And did not like the V2 view alot.
But it has gotten better with the density settings, and I’m getting used to it.

I’m actually starting to like it on not too small screens. I agree, the word wrap makes bad readability

Doesn’t help for wordwrap, but I like the dark theme a lot. It kind of absorbs some of the air.

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Maybe a setting some place around the filter box for different view settings. (Select columns, quantity views etc)
Different use cases - different needs.

Quantity view could be:
Show all vertical or horizontal (as extra columns)
Show only first
Click/Mouse-over to view all?


This is what we were going to try first, since it’s easiest.

I’ve opened a PR implementing my original proposed UI, although it has a few technical things to think through before it is ready: Reorder fields in farm_log view by paul121 · Pull Request #618 · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub


I have mixed feelings about removing the log ID, personally. It’s rarely useful, I agree, except when it is. :slight_smile:

In the past it’s been helpful for revealing/illustrating issues where filters end up causing duplicate rows. I think we’ve managed to fix/avoid most of those in v2 so far, though. I also use it myself occasionally as a sorting mechanism. When you sort by timestamp it will always ALSO sort by log ID, but sometimes I want to find logs in the order that I created them.

Boy, it would be cool if we had some VERY simple configuration options (perhaps on a per-user basis) for these Views. The ability to enable/disable columns via checkbox would be really nice.

More broadly, I think that if we’re going to make any changes to Log columns we should consider them holistically with the Asset, Plan, and Quantity Views too. I’ve intentionally worked towards making them consistent (roughly speaking) in v1. If we are going to diverge from that, we should at least consider the others with each change we make, and see if it makes sense to do the same thing for each (eg: if we move the ID column to the end, let’s do it on all of them).

That said, I’m definitely open to rethinking them with input from the community! (Also makes me think it would be nice to have some kind of farther-reaching voting mechanisms for proposing changes like this! Outside the scope of this thread, but wouldn’t that be neat if we had some kind of “poll” built in to farmOS that we could use to get feedback from all users?)

We chatted briefly about this on the dev call today. Some takeaways:

  • The very simple approach could be to just rearrange these columns. There is the issue with config update not recognizing the change but we could write an update hook for this.
  • An additional step could be to make the columns configurable. Ideally you could choose which columns are shown, possibly change the order of the columns as well.
  • We could possibly hide the ID column on mobile/screen size, too. I kinda like this in tandem with the simple approach but wonder if it would work against future steps

Just wanted to add a note… I’m working on CSV importers right now, and it’s very useful to sort the View of logs by log ID to find the ones that were most recently created by the importer.

Maybe not a common use-case… but worth noting for this conversation.

I agree. ID should be present somewhere.

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