Cloning and updating logs easily

Hi all
The ability to clone logs is very useful and really helps speed things up.
One suggestion would be that when we clone a log, all the filed that were filled with data in the original Log (and only those) are shown and can be updated ‘on-the-fly’ (at the same time as the same time as the date).
I think I had read that suggestion in another post, and looked for it, but coun’t find it anymore.
Hope others may find the suggestion useful
Thanks for all the work guys!
NB: I understand it’s more complicated when several logs are cloned at the same time. Maybe a suggestion could be to have the choice between applying the changes to all the logs cloned &/or toggle through the logs to edit each of them(?)


Very interesting idea @brunocacao. As you point out there are both some workflow and technical complications there but in theory it would be possible. Thanks for identifying it as a feature of interest!

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This reminds me of a module I helped with in a previous life for cloning orders and selectively deciding which pieces of the order to clone and which to leave behind: UC Order Clone |