Adding plantings/inputs

Sorry, brand new to this. Finally generated all my beds. Now I need to start imputing my plantings and my fertilizer inputs. Is there a video tutorial on this?

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Hi @smallaxefarm - I would recommend starting with the “Planting Quick Form”. Look for the “Quick” tab on your dashboard, and you should find it.

There isn’t a video tutorial, but the user guide might have some info that’s useful to you:

Happy to answer any questions here that come to mind as you get started! Good luck!

Thanks! Also, how do I sync my phone app with my laptop? Any tricks? On the app it says to “sync” but doesn’t add any of my logs…

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In Field Kit (the app) there is a little cloud icon in the top right - this is what initiates the sync. This will pull in all “not done” logs that are assigned to your user account.

Similarly, if you create a log in Field Kit (eg: an observation with a photo), you can use the same sync button to send it to your farmOS server.

Oh also, there is some overview documentation of Field Kit here:

Ok. So it doesn’t go both ways? I have only entered logs on my laptop, nothing on my phone yet. Should it show whatever I have done on my laptop on my phone app? Thanks!

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Field Kit is primarily a “todo” app right now, so only some logs are synced to it. It doesn’t pull ALL records from farmOS - just the ones you need for your immediate tasks.

If you need full access from your phone, you can also open the full farmOS system in your phone’s browser, and that will have everything. But this will only work if you have internet access.

Perfect thanks!

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