Additional log "time" features - any interest?

I’m imagining there are probably lots of scenarios where capturing the start and/or stop time in conjunction with a “duration” value would be useful. I wonder if there is an even simpler version of this change that doesn’t try and bake any of that time tracking convention into the farmOS UI to start, but just adds the start/end time (visible) fields to the new “Time” quantity?

Yea agreed - although it feels a bit weird to me to use a single log for long-term things like covers. I personally would have two logs - one for when I applied a cover, and one for when I removed it. Similar to seeding a cover crop, and then terminating it. But I see the appeal of using a single log for simplicity, so that could certainly be a local convention as well.

As for start/stop time and duration… one important question is: what happens if they start/stop multiple times? Looking at other “time tracking” systems, they generally store a single “duration” as the canonical measurement. So if you start the timer and stop it an hour later, the duration is 1 hour. If you then start it again, and stop it again after another hour, the duration is 2 hours. That is how I’ve been thinking about the time quantity, and why the start/stop fields were hidden.