farmOS Calendar module (v2)

Just wanted to share this in case anyone is interested… I whipped up a contrib module that adds a simple calendar display of logs:

Here is a screenshot with a few test logs:

It has some basic color-coding for core log types, and will show a solid circle for “Done” tasks and an empty circle for “Pending” tasks.

Still “alpha” but if there aren’t any major bugs I might tag a 1.0.0 soon… so feel free to try it out and provide feedback in this thread.

I don’t really plan on taking it much farther, unless the requests are simple (like maybe some Views exposed filters for log type/status/etc). The main motivation was to provide something similar to the calendar feature in farmOS v1, which we lost when we upgraded to v2. A few v1 users were disappointed by this, as they had come to depend on it as a way of visualizing tasks. We’ve discussed in other threads (linked below) that it doesn’t really make sense for farmOS core to maintain a full-fledged calendar module, because there are other systems that already do that better than we can, so we’ll probably still focus on iCal feeds etc as the next step in core. But this little contrib module was easy enough to throw together, and it provides a nice simple visualization, so hopefully some folks find it useful.

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Oh I forgot to mention, this currently depends on the 2.x-dev release of the Drupal Calendar View module. There are two bugs in that module that have been fixed in the dev branch, but haven’t been included in a release yet:

As soon as a new version of that module is released, we’ll be all set.

If anyone is using Farmier hosting and wants to try this out, let me know.


Amazing!!! Looking into this now!
Just had a call about this with Greg and Amber!
Great works farmOS team!

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We would love this installed in our farmier instances! @mstenta

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Glad to hear this will be useful @FarmTech!! :smile:

This is only for testing right now… but as soon as I tag 1.0.0 I can enable on all your instances! Want to do some testing for us to see if you can find any bugs? There’s already one that was discovered which I will fix soon…


Love to be able to test it!

Thanks Mike! Really looking forward to this feature!

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I can test too, if you like.
Crop season around the corner, so limited time tho…


Calendar doesn’t look too good on the dark mode, low color contrast on log titles makes them hard to read.
It seems to be an issue with the Calendar View module so I’ve opened an feature request to add support for Gin theme dark mode in its issue queue. If/when it will be implemented, it would be nice to update this module to include the fix.


I run farmOS in dark mode, and with Brave browser it looks like this:
Very nice I think.

In Firefox I get the same result as you.
I generally think farmOS looks better on Brave rather than Firefox. Are there other browsers? :slight_smile:


@mstenta Quick review…

I like it a lot. Very informative. :+1: :+1:
Not sure I get the colors… Yellow seems to be for “done” tasks.

  • Not a bug, but could the next / previous month be more centered? If going back and forth theres a lot of mouse movement.

  • I can see a filter box could be very useful.

  • And maybe some info about the colors.

  • Perhaps a way to visulaize the logs owned by the current user.

Sorry, I can’t hold back the ideas… :rofl:

Was also thinking of the general plan module discussed earlier. Could not find the topic at the moment. Could this be used for viewing plans?

I have a category for short and long term plans. They could show as 12 boxes. One for each month of the year.
And for long term plans, one box pr year.


I’ve released v1.0.0 of the farmOS Calendar module and made it available to enable on Farmier-hosted instances.

Thanks for reviewing/testing! Couple of quick responses to specific things…

That’s unfortunate. Thanks for opening the upstream issue @wotnak! It is definitely an issue with the way the Calendar View module interacts with the Gin theme. Hopefully the maintainers of those two projects can figure out a good solution.

The colors are pretty simple right now. Here’s the CSS file: css/calendar.css · 1.x · project / farm_calendar · GitLab

The rules are (basically):

  • If the log is “pending” the circle next to the log name will be empty. Otherwise, it will be a solid circle. (Almost like a radio button that’s been checked)
  • Color is determined by log type (hard-coded for some of the common core types):

These are great ideas @pat! Like I said above I don’t have plans (or funding) to dig much deeper on this module in the short term, but I think a lot of these would be great next steps for v1.0.1 or v1.1.0.

I also really like the dashboard calendar block ideas that you and @Farmer-Ed were tossing around in Medical Logs, withdrawal flags

If anyone wants to contribute PRs to this module I’d be happy to review!


On my side all logs have a solid circle. The log to the right is pending, and the log to the left is done.
This happens even if the log is pending in the past.


It’s the same in Firefox and Brave.
Edit: It’s also the same with light mode in farmOS

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It is working as expected for me in Chrome.


Ahh I think this is a legitimate bug @pat - thanks for bringing it up! I think this is because your site is using translations. The CSS class it looks for is Pending not pending so it might be getting translated. I’ll open a bug report for that and fix it in a 1.0.1.


Hey is this calendar thing ready to use? I have found I am not using FarmOS much because the lack of calendar makes it difficult to plan and review. This is critical for this software to be valuable to my operation and so glad to see progress. Can it be loaded into my account?


Hi @Jason - yea you can enable it yourself! Just go to Settings (top right), then click the “Modules” tab, and it’s down near the bottom under “Community modules”. Hope that helps!