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Greetings FarmOS community!

Just wondering if there has been any talk in having the farmOS calendar be exportable to a format that can be importable into Google Calendar?

This would be a useful feature as we use the cloud calendar to operate our farm along with farmOS. Tracking Activities, Tasks etc.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!



I’m glad you asked about this @FarmTech ! I actually looked into the feasibility of this for farmOS 2.x a couple weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to share what I found so I might use this issue to do so :smiley:

Basically there are two options: the iCal calendar format, and the CalDav calendar/server protocol. iCal is the simpler of the two & can save calendar events to a .ics file, while CalDav (a subset of WebDav) has many more features (like username/pass authentication) but requires that a server is running in order to retrieve data.

TLDR; I think iCal is likely the best (and simplest) bet for farmOS! If I have time I’m hoping to implement this in a custom module before Spring because I’d love to sync my garden tasks to my calendar :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

farmOS iCal:

I found the Drupal views_ical module and tested it with the development version of farmOS 2.x (looking again I see that there is a version of this module for Dupal 7, too). The configuration was pretty cumbersome (poorly documented & lots of “gotchas”), but eventually I got it to work!

I was able to create “Views” of farmOS logs in an iCal Feeds format. Visiting the link allows you to download a calendar.ics file and import into you calendar app, OR use the same link as a “Calendar subscription” in most calendar apps. I tested both of these options with local calendars apps on my computer (macOS Calendar and Thunderbird). I couldn’t test the subscription with Google Calendar since my farmOS serer wasn’t running on a public domain (just on my computer), but the import worked, so I’m confident the subscription would work too!

Each event can have a link to the log, include notes, flags, etc. There’s really a lot that is possible. I just found that the Views setup was quite complicated. I think this could be simplified by creating a feeds/export system that is dedicated to farmOS Logs.

The major complication/limitation with the calendar subscription option is data privacy (this has been mentioned before, perhaps on this forum or elsewhere). This requires that the farmOS server have a publicly accessible URL that the calendar app can subscribe too. As a result, this means that a subset of the farmOS logs + log metadata would become publicly accessible. A couple options around this are using randomly generated URLs OR require private keys to access well-known calendar URLs. Such URLs might looks like: /calendars/{secret_id} or /calendars/logs/harvests?secret={secret_id}. Changing the secret values would require a change in all subscribed calendar apps.

BUT the ability to manually download an .ics file & manually import into your calendar app wouldn’t have this concern! Files could be generated & downloaded when you are logged into farmOS, no URL would have to be public. It would just become a chore to do this on a regular basis, that’s what nice about the subscription :slight_smile:

farmOS CalDav:

Like I said above, CalDav can have more features (not only events, but also tasks + contacts) and can also require username + password Authentication since it runs on a server. This is basically what’s used to add a Gmail calendar to your phone or computer calendar app.

I looked into this option some too - since farmOS is running on a server, it should be possible as well. The sabre/dav library is probably the best bet here. I was actually able to create a module that provided a sabre/dav server within farmOS. The library is actually pretty great; it’s designed for applications that want to provide a WebDav server connected to their specific data model - exactly the missing link for providing farmOS Logs as Calendar events!

Getting this to work is fairly tricky… this laravel-sabre repo was a good reference. It does something similar to what we would need, essentially instantiating the calendar server on EACH request, provide “events” (logs) to the server, build a response, and go back to sleep… it’s possible, but maybe not ideal. I also see it being more difficult to create calendars that only display certain types of logs.

What would really make WebDav worthwhile is the Authentication. Because sabre/dav allows custom Authentication Backends I think it might be possible to connect the farmOS/Drupal Authentication to the caldav server but I didn’t get far enough to test this out. It also raises a bunch of other questions like permissions (who has access to calendars), changing passwords, etc…

So that said…

I think iCal is probably the easiest calendar format to add to farmOS. But I wasn’t satisfied with views_ical. Since farmOS really only needs to export Logs as events (is there anything else??) I don’t think we need the Views integration, it’s just too robust. Creating iCal feeds of Logs would be pretty simple by itself. I’d love to see a dedicated UI where users could create “Calendars” and specify which logs are included. Some ideas:

  • All logs
  • Only logs of certain type(s): only activity or harvest logs, etc
  • Only logs with certain flag(s) or categories
  • Only logs happening in certain area(s) or pertaining to certain asset(s)
  • Only logs in certain plans

I think that is all possible!! Each “Calendar” could have it’s own URL and/or secret key.

*paul121 ends brain dump


The calendar integration would definitely be nice. One idea I had reading @paul121 brain dump is would it be possible hooking to the Google tasks api? Then you could manage log tasks from Google, should you choose and you could still see them on your calendar. I don’t know all the logistics is syncing status back and forth though.


Oh that’s interesting @applecreekacres ! I’m not familiar with the Google tasks API, but I imagine you configure farmOS to push new logs to Google, or write a script that pulls new logs from farmOS and sends them to Google.

Something I didn’t mention above is that it would be quite complicated to allow creating farmOS logs from a separate calendar app. This wouldn’t be possible with iCal, but could be possible with CalDav. The CalDav API just doesn’t have a way to specify a log type, log notes, assets, users, etc… without doing something very custom. The calendar app would likely need to support these things as well. And that point…you’re just reinventing the farmOS Log API - I suppose this is what we want to be careful of :slight_smile:


This is a fantastic brain dump!
Thanks for laying this out @paul121. This helps understanding big time. This all makes sense as it seems there this could be a valuable feature in a few ways. even simply being able to export and import.
To have it real time with a subscription is ideal though for sure. It makes sense to start simple. And to have a way to create custom logs from farmOS for the calendars would be a slick way to define specific farmOS -> google calendars that can be used to track farm tasks without having to be logged in to farmOS.

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Even to use the farmOS harvest calendars to track seed -> harvest metrics knowing when food is available for market. Making these calendars able to be subscribed to for instances like We could connect our food harvest calendars to it. just ideas :slight_smile:


Oh interesting… Kinda like a public calendar that customers could subscribe to? So a “Garlic harvest” log could basically be used to advertise this? …dang, that would be cool! Logs could be flagged with a special flag for this.

I think it’s fairly easy to embed a Calendar subscription in other sites too. So it really wouldn’t be too hard for a farm to add these calendars to an existing “marketing” site


YES! Awesome. Exactly… have them tagged. Like harvest logs of all specific types, seasonal etc.
Oh yea and embed. Great idea!


yea i can see the crop plan module being great in this application

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Great thoughts @paul121 @FarmTech @applecreekacres !

I closed Feature Request: Calendar & task integration · Issue #171 · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub (related issue) and linked it back to this topic.

Related: we need to decide what to do in farmOS 2.x in general with regard to the calendar.

In 1.x we used the Calendar module:

There is an alpha release available for Drupal 8/9 - but to be honest I was never really satisfied with the Calendar in farmOS 1.x. It felt too much like we were trying to reinvent the wheel, when most people already have a calendar application they use. So maybe instead of incorporating a Calendar into farmOS 2.x we should just consider exploring the iCal options described above.

What do you all think? Is it worth having a Calendar UI in farmOS? Keeping in mind that it will never be as feature-rich as dedicated calendar apps, and will be something we need to continue to maintain moving forward.


I don’t really use the in-built calendar, but an external calendar would be good - would it be able to modify events in terms of the dates/time/titles? Or just for viewing only?

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It sounds like the iCal approach would be read-only.

+1 for integrating with existing calendars. I think that’s the best way to go.