AgriWebb - Anyone come across this?

There is a big push in South Wales to educate especially the older hill farmers and AgriWebb - an Australian company - has started really pushing their platform. As I am looking for an opportunity to promote farmOS as a much more reasonable cost option (albeit without the interfacing to the UK electronic ID systems), I will get more involved in forthcoming months.

Has anyone come across AgriWebb. It focusses only on livestock but that is what most of us do in this part of the UK.

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Yeah I am trialling it. Lovely intuitive interface for recording cattle sheep locations and moving them about. Great mobile apps. Very regimented, requiring lots of inventory data entry to be able to record events like drenching stock and fertiliser application to fields. No practically useful calendar build in. Would spend more time entering data than operating the farm. Expensive.

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Thank you for the response, Ted.

I thought it was rather expensive, especially for smallholders like us! We have only around 30 sheep and no real need for a massive inventory of medicines and the like. However, I can see how it could be useful in a big farming enterprise.

I am considering whether to push FarmOS as an alternative. Many of the local farmers here (in Carmarthenshire) still rely on paper records in conjunction with the regulatory mechanisms like cattle passports.

I hope to have more time in the next few weeks to make a case.

Even hosted at Farmier, FarmOS is much cheaper and can handle crops. I also have it running on a Raspberry Pi just to see how far removed it is from standard Drupal. I was contemplating whether to attempt to develop an interface to EID Cymru but that would mean developing a Drupal model from scratch which I have not ever attempted!