farmOS 2.0.0-beta6 has been released

farmOS 2.0.0-beta6 has been released.

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Any insight as to when the crop planner will be upgraded and released for 2.0? This was a major drawcard and what I miss the most in the new version.

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Sorry @Permakai no updates on that. I’d love to see it happen too! Just waiting for someone to step up and either sponsor it or code it themselves!

Related, for anyone who wonders how this stuff gets done generally: How things get built... (from ideas to code)

I’ve been very tempted to get started on this myself a few times (I really want it too!), but always pulled away by more immediate responsibilities. For what it’s worth, one of the first things I want to figure out is this: [META] Plan entity relationships with metadata [#3187877] |

Thanks, I used to be a PHP developer and always steered away from Drupal for reasons related to the points you make in your post. I also get that the developers dont work for free. Unfortunately we are not in a position to fund development but would still like to use FarmOS. At the moment we use Excel spreadsheets so I guess we will continue to use them.

Our way of supporting development was to keep our subscription going even though without crop planner the system is of little use to us. We were waiting for the crop planning module to appear but I see from the link that this is not being worked on.

Thanks for your update.

Appreciate the support @Permakai! If you aren’t using your Farmier instance, but still want to support farmOS, consider becoming a backer of the farmOS OpenCollective instead! Neither option is generating enough funds to sponsor significant development at this point, but the hope is that with enough backers on OC we’ll be able to start putting it towards more development eventually. (Interested in helping to spearhead a crowdfunding campaign? These things take time and effort too! We need help!)

Unfortunately we are not in a position to fund development

Neither am I, unfortunately. The crop planning module is no small task. Most big feature development still currently relies on outside funding / contracts from groups/orgs that need things. That’s just the current reality.

Most of my volunteer hours these days go toward general maintenance, keeping things updated, answering questions, community building, helping teach new developers in chat/forum/etc etc etc. If I had more to spare, I would.

There are other ways to support and help push specific features forward if you want to see them move faster. Fundraising, designing mock-ups, making a roadmap, identifying and prioritizing features and potential issues. There’s a lot to do, and there are others who are interested in the crop planning features too - we often talk about it on the monthly calls. Join the effort! If you don’t have time, I understand. We’re all in the same boat.

At the moment we use Excel spreadsheets so I guess we will continue to use them.

For what it’s worth, I’m hoping to work with Wolfe’s Neck Farm to develop a hybrid spreadsheet+farmOS crop planning solution, which would allow for fast planning in Excel/LibreCalc, importable into farmOS, where you can then do all your normal asset and task management, mapping, record archiving, etc. This could be a stop-gap solution until someone steps up to build a more complete crop planning module in farmOS directly. I’ll post a new topic in the forum if/when that takes shape.

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