Crop Planning Module

We are going to be starting work on a new module for farmOS specifically aimed at making common crop planning processes easier. This is something that has been discussed for a long time and we finally have some sponsored funding to get it off the ground.

To be clear, farmOS already has the ability to track Planting assets and their seedings/transplantings/inputs/harvests throughout the season. What this module will add is an overarching concept of a “Crop Plan” that organizes these more granular records together. It will provide higher-level UIs for managing the plan as a whole, and all of the assets and logs that are part of it, similar to some of the other “Plan” types that have been developing recently (Grazing Plans, Forest Plans, Nutrient Plans). The idea of a “Crop Plan” predates all of those - we just haven’t had the resources to dive into it until now. Many of those other projects laid some of the groundwork for “Plans” more generally in farmOS, as well as taught us some important lessons. So the timing is right - and I know a lot of folks have been patiently waiting for this. :slight_smile:

The scope and timeline is still being determined - but we are tentatively planning to complete the first phase by Fall 2020. We may have beta releases before then, and look forward to getting feedback from the community.

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Posting a few links to related topics/issues/discussions for reference:

(I will add more as I find them. Feel free to suggest other links that should be included.)

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Hi, I’m new here and excited to try out FarmOS. Looks like a great project. Pleased to see you are working on this crop planning module, that would be fantastic. Good luck and I’m happy to give feedback on any beta releases (although I should probably start with an install of some sort). :grinning:

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For anyone finding this thread, please see this comment: Error adding Crop Variety in Crop Plan

if you are self-hosting, and want to try this module out, be warned: IT IS NOT STABLE AND WILL ABSOLUTELY BREAK AND LOSE DATA. We are still very early in the development, and are not going to be writing automated database updates for changes to the module until a beta is officially released. You are welcome to try it out, but DO NOT USE REAL DATA. You have been warned. :wink:

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We’ve been trialing the new FarmOS crop plan here at Wolfe’s Neck Center the past couple of weeks and have created this handy tutorial for anyone interested! The crop plan is definitely a great planning tool for veg production that has allowed for much quicker data entry and easy edits at our farm.


Thank you so much for creating this @cekerber!! Do you mind if I upload this to YouTube and share more widely?

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Go for it! Definitely feel free to share this or anything from the WNC FarmOS guide!


SORRY - I was not using system correctly its there. Sorry to bother you

Hi Mike, what has happened? We can no longer this through our

Any chance it could be switched on again please as its the main reason we use FarmOS!



No worries Rory! Glad to hear it’s working. :slight_smile:

Is this video still available somewhere?

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Also curious if the crop planning module is stable for general use yet?


Ah dang - looks like the Drive link isn’t working anymore. @cekerber is this video still available somewhere? I would be happy to host it myself if necessary.

@texasecofarms Yes the Crop Planning module is “stable” for farmOS 1.x, although not very feature rich. However, there is not a version available for farmOS 2.x yet. That is high on my personal priority list, but we’ve been busy with more general work thusfar. I’m hopeful it can be upgraded this winter.


Thanks! Crop planning is one of the trickiest things for us so I can’t wait to see what it looks like in 2.0 (also can’t wait to see 2.0 :slight_smile: )

I’m hosting on Farmier, could you please add the crop planning module to

@texasecofarms Sure! But be warned that this will mean I can’t update you to 2.x until a 2.x version of the Crop module is available. I plan to start updating instances soon in a rolling fashion, where those who do not have any blockers (like this module) get updated first. That said, if you want to just play with it, with the expectation that the data will not be migrated over with the upgrade, that works too.

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Oh okay, I’ll just play around with it then and plan on it getting wiped as I would like to be on 2.0 when it is available. Thanks!

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