Error on Plans Section

Confess that I am new user and getting my feet wet, but I have been searching for as much information on this section as possible. I am not currently able to figure out how this Plans Section works. Can someone point me in the proper direction? I am happy to provide any additional information required for assistance.

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Welcome to the forum @rwilson131!

“Plans” in farmOS are a higher-level record type (above “assets” and “logs”) which can be used to organize records around a particular goal or purpose. farmOS provide the “plan” record type, but it doesn’t actually provide any plan types itself. It is a feature that other modules can use to build on top of.

Two examples of modules that provide plan types are:

  1. Crop Plan
  2. Project Plan

If you are self-hosting farmOS, and you installed the “Plan” module by itself, it won’t do anything. So maybe that’s why you’re seeing the error message? Maybe we should add a more helpful message there instead.

Thanks for the information. I am actually using Farmier for hosting. I do not see either of those options as installable modules. I would be interested in both of these modules. Are these available on the hosted product?
I have the following one installed.

Plan comments
Enables comments on farmOS plans

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Sure I can enable both of those modules for you. But be aware the Crop Plan module is still in “alpha”. See this thread for more information (and join the discussion): farmOS Crop Plan module v3 alpha release

This thread might be helpful in understanding the Project Plan module too: Project plan module

@rwilson131 if you send me a private message with your hosted farmOS URL I can enable them.

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excellent. I believe that sent the PM correctly. Thanks for the information. I look forward to giving them a try.

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