Project plan module

I finally got my test-server up and running :clap:

Fun to have a farmOS to play with.
Installed the Project Plan module. Easy peasy…

@paul121 But how is this module used? Can’t figure a way to reference logs to it.


Also, what are my options to pull some data from my Farmier hosted farmOS into the test-server?
Would be nice to play with real data.

To add logs to a project plan, you have to:

  • create a project plan /plan/add/project
  • go to log listing (general /logs or any other log listing that allows executing bulk actions)
  • select log(s) that you want to add to a project plan
  • select Add to project in bulk action select
  • click Apply to selected items button

  • select project and click Add to plan button

  • added logs will be now visible on project plan page
    • /plans/project
    • click on project name
    • click on Logs tab


I started using this project plan module last year when @pat brought this topic up. This is a great help for me with organizing general projects. Maybe I’m using it differently them intended but I find most of my projects to have some vague idea on the steps involved so I can only add a few logs before they happen. Most of the logs happen then I end up adding them to the project itself. Just a thought for a feature request for this module, to add logs to a project directly from the log creation page as opposed to the bulk action as the only option.


Thanks for sharing @BOTLFarm ! I think you are using it as intended.

Being able to create logs directly from the plan page is something I have wanted as well. Its just a bit of a technical thing to figure out but should be possible. Being able to create logs via quick forms and add to plans would be a nice feature as well.

We’re doing some similar work for crop plans right now so hoping ill learn something that could be contributed back here too.