(Waste) management plans

Trying to assemble some kind of waste management system.

It’s part of the quality assurance system. Actually there’s several plans, most of them can be a simple log describing things in the note-field and nothing more.
But some of them need to document when things are done.

A paper version of the waste management plan contains an overview of various waste types, where to throw it etc. And a signature when it’s delivered.

I think the project plan is the most natural place for this. But it’s not too easy to make logs to a plan.

Any suggestions of a best practice?

An alternative could be a categorized observation log for each plan, and then add categorized activity logs when things are done.

I tried to clone a log while staying in the the project plan, but that don’t seem to work. ( yes, I tried a refresh… )


I got an idea:

When a plan is opened, the description is shown.
Could be useful to add url for a new log in the description.

But I guess the connection to the plan is not possible to autofill in the url.
I know asset can be autofilled. Are there other fields?

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The log was probably successfully cloned, it should be available on the main logs listing. It is not visible on the project plan logs listing because reference between logs and plans is stored in a plan entity, not in logs. Log entity doesn’t know that it is assigned to a plan, this information is stored in a hidden field of a plan entity, so cloning logs doesn’t clone the assignment to plans. To add cloned logs to the project you would need to go to generic log listing, select cloned logs and use Add to project action on them.

To make it easier to add logs to plans, maybe an additional ‘Save and add to plan’ button could be added next to the default Save button in the log creation form that would save the log and redirect to project add log form.
‘Add log’ or maybe ‘Add existing log’ action on plan logs listing page could also be useful, it could open a form in which a specific log or logs could be selected which would be added to the plan on form submit.


Eventually it was. I suspected this behaviour, and I checked the log listing right after cloning, but it was not there either. But suddenly it was. Don’n know why it was slow.
So that’s ok.

Save button with dropdown choice for save to plan perahps.
And also add log from the Plan. I think this is most important.
When working with a plan, I want to go to plans, and do stuff from there. Feels most natura.


In reading through this thread, I am hearing a few distinct feature requests:

  • In the Project Plan module, provide an “Add log” button that automatically adds the new log to the plan.
  • Similarly, an “Add existing log” button (although maybe the “Add log to plan” bulk action described below would suffice).
  • When “Cloning” a log from within a Project Plan, ensure that the cloned log ends up in the same plan (and/or provide an option in the clone confirmation form that lets you choose whether to add it to the same plan, or maybe a different plan, or no plan)
  • A bulk action to add existing logs to a Project Plan.
  • A “Save and add to plan” button in Log edit forms.

Most of these could be implemented in the Project Plan module itself. Although it would be great to consider what could be added to farmOS as a general feature.

The tricky part with Plans is that different plan types can work differently. Each Plan type can choose what kids of records they reference, and how they reference them. For example, the Crop Plan module does not directly reference logs at all. In fact, it doesn’t directly reference anything. It uses the new Plan Record entity to connect Crop Plans to Plant Assets.

So… this is just to say: even adding a general purpose “Save and add to plan” button or bulk action has some questions associated with it. These features would need to have awareness about what each type of plan supports/allows. So we may need to add some feature to core that allows plans to declare those things in a way that general features could understand. For example, the Project Plan could say “I allow assets and logs to be added to me”, but the Crop Plan could say “I do things differently, so don’t show me as an option in those features.”


I can see the challenge here.
I’ve never tried other plan moduls, but a project plan should have some of these features. I think it’s in a project plans nature to work this way.

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Maybe we can figure out who the other 2 users of that module are (assuming @pat and @paul121 are both represented in that data) and crowdfund some of these!

Thanks for starting this discussion @pat ! And good ideas @mstenta and @wotnak. Can we track these in some issues/feature requests here? https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/farm_project_plan?categories=All

A bulk action to add existing logs to a [Project Plan ]

This does already exist and can be used as @wotnak demonstrates here: Project plan module - #3 by wotnak

Maybe we can figure out who the other 2 users of that module are

@BOTLFarm had some similar suggestions he described here: Project plan module - #4 by BOTLFarm

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I think the concept of the project plan module solves so many of my needs in a record keeping system. I would use the plan module all the time if I was able to add logs to a plan just from the log itself or quickforms. At least in the short term. Certainly very specific built plans modules would be the end goal but this is a great general purpose tool in the interim.

Dose it makes sense to put a “goal” together on Open Collective for this?