Adding plan types

I want to create a Plan.
But I have no Plan Type.
I try to create a Plan Type but I’m told

" Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page."

What do I need ? The owner will give me whatever I need - but what am I asking for ? …or are we missing some module to create Plan Types - or something ?


…or are we missing some module to create Plan Types - or something ?

Exactly. farmOS core provides the plan module but does not provide any plan types. Plan types are by nature complex and need to be added in code with their special logic by a module.

In 1.x we had grazing and crop planning plan types but we have not yet migrated these to 2.x.

Yea to echo what @paul121 said: only a module can add a plan type.

But worth noting… don’t let the name “plan” mislead you. You can still “plan” your activities by simply creating Logs with dates in the future. :slight_smile:

“Plans” in farmOS are specifically a higher-level concept used to encompass lower-level records under an intentional umbrella (aka a “plan”) of one kind or another. The idea is modules can provide “plan types” to add UIs and workflows to manage sets of lower-level farmOS records, to make it easier to accomplish common goals.

More info in the data model docs: Plans | farmOS

farmOS v1 introduced this concept, and a few experimental/beta planning modules were written to leverage it (eg: Crop Plan, Grazing Plan, Nutrient Management Plan, Forest Plan), but these have not been ported to farmOS v2 yet (all are seeking sponsorship!) farmOS v2 ported the base “Plan” module, so that it was ready to build with, but farmOS core doesn’t provide any plan types itself (yet).

It’s also possible to develop your own custom planning modules. Rothamsted is developing an Experiment Plan module to manage their on-farm trials: farm_rothamsted/modules/farm_rothamsted_experiment at 2.x · Rothamsted-Ecoinformatics/farm_rothamsted · GitHub

How do you add these external plans to a FarmOS instance in docker?

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@Mick None of these modules are ported to farmOS v3. So if you’re asking about those specifically… you can’t.

BUT! We’ve started porting the Crop Plan module to v3 recently (started in January of this year). It is far from ready to use, though, and there’s no guarantee we won’t intentionally break it while the data model settles into place. If you’re interested in helping with the process or taking part in the community feedback/prioritization process that I’m (going to start) organizing, I can add you to my list! :slight_smile:

@mstenta I’d be happy to help with testing and doing what I can.