Welcome to the farmOS forum

This is the official forum for farmOS, the open source farm management, planning, and record keeping system (https://farmOS.org). It is developed by a community of volunteers and aims to provide a standard platform for farmers, developers, and researchers to build upon. If you have questions about farmOS, want to help others learn to use it, or want to take part in the development planning process, this is the place!


Thanks for creating all of this @mstenta. It’s really a great option for people like me who want to contribute but can’t make it to the calls or IRC.

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Thanks for joining @applecreekacres! Looking forward to talking more! :slight_smile:

Thanks to @mstenta a great job to have this solution, I can participate in the Supporting French Language,

I am interested in adding features to support Snail farming


Great to have you @mzghoumi! I bet you could get pretty far using the existing “Animal” asset type. Animal assets can have a “head count” which could be used to represent “batches” of snails. See https://farmos.org/guide/assets/animals/