FarmOS online tutorials

Hello , we love to use farmOs for our nusery and we would like to know if we can get anybody to give us some online tutorial on skype becuase after the online video we like to ask some few questions .l

Welcome @Kafuidarkey!

You are welcome to join the next farmOS monthly call to talk face to face:

Or, the farmOS chat room in the meantime:

Otherwise, feel free to post questions here on the forum!

In the same vein of the original post, how I can help introduce OS tools to our local farmers? My county’s Coop Extension confirmed that OS technology is not in use here. I am not a farmer but as a citizen and community member, I feel it’s my responsibility to help bring this knowledge to them for further exploration. I’m looking forward to the 2/12/20 call in case this is an agenda item with wide interest.


Great question @Bhavna. I think it would be great if we as a community could put together some printable resources that make it easier to share farmOS information with others. We recently created a simple one-page flyer (attached). I’d love to see some more detailed resources too.

The user guide on has a lot of information - maybe that can be a starting point:

It will be great to chat more about this in the monthly call, @Bhavna!

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