Anyone willing to chat with me about farmOS for ranching?

Hi everyone!

I am admittedly a bit of an interloper here, but this seems like a friendly community, so I was hoping someone would be willing to set up a time to chat with me about this tool for ranch management.

I work for a company called Mach49 that assists large corporations in creating growth engines through venture building and investing. We partner with our clients on exploring promising expansion areas, launching new ventures grounded in customer needs, and engaging with external startups through corporate venture arms.

We just began working with Silver Fern Farms, a meat producer based in New Zealand. They are committed to expanding nature positive ranching practices (they have the first carbon neutral beef product on the market) - they are in the middle of running their first pilot of a few hundred ranches right now and are hoping to expand that significantly in the years to come, but they are anticipating pains around scaling. As such, we are trying to help them get ahead of the curve by understanding what the gaps are and where they should invest in trying to help fill those gaps or building other key solutions that will assist not just them but others with similar goals. Part of this investigation is about understanding how ranchers manage their data and what opportunities there are in that space to manage data to track key metrics related specifically to regenerative agriculture / nature positive / sustainable ranching (pick your buzzword!).

If anyone would be willing to volunteer to be one of our expert interviewees, you can respond here or shoot me an email at

You’re all doing great work here from what I can tell, so keep it up!


Welcome to the forum @JuliaMach49! :slight_smile:

The next monthly community call is this coming Wednesday at 2 pm Eastern, if you are able to make it: Monthly Call | farmOS

Otherwise, feel free to ask questions here in this thread or in the chat room at and folks who know the answer may respond.

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