Back to site breadcrumb

The “Back to site” breadcrumb appears at the top of nearly every page yet has inconsistent behavior. When on any entity page (user, asset, log, etc) clicking on the breadcrumb does not seem to redirect anywhere (the same page is reloaded). On pages that are not an entity (asset list, log list, settings, etc) the breadcrumb redirects to the dashboard. I believe this is happening because farmOS only uses the admin theme, there is no frontend theme for our entity pages.

This leads me to two things: first, should this always redirect to the dashboard? Also, “Back to site” doesn’t really make any sense. Could this be renamed to “Dashboard”?

Curious if others are experiencing the same and have opinions on desired behavior?


Wow didn’t notice the inconsistency! But agree “site” isn’t ideal. “Dashboard” would be better.


There might be some clues to this here:

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I have seen this same behavior and agree that Dashboard or Home would be more appropriate.

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Agreed - I would love to change this.