Creating Forms in farmOS

Could someone please show me how to make forms on Farmos? What I see in the documentation contradicts what Chatgpt says. Thanks


Welcome to the forum @Uzel :smile:

The documentation on is tested. ChatGPT output is not. Follow the instructions that I provided to you in chat (chat log for reference: IRC logs for #farmOS, 2023-06-02 (GMT) | - and if you run into any problems feel free to ask specific questions here in this thread or in chat.

The best way to learn is by doing it! Dive in and good luck! :+1:


just a suggestion, wouldn’t it be better for someone to build a complete farm traceability project based on farmOs and upload on Youtube to help student like me to understand it well? Like I said, this is just a suggestion.Thanks

Better than what?

It would always be better to have more documentation and learning resources. In a vacuum it’s not a hard decision. The challenge arises when we consider the opportunity cost at a project or contributor level.

Which feature(s) or bug fix(es) should have been de-prioritized to make that “complete farm traceability project”? Which contributor/volunteer should divert more of their personal energy to working on farmOS - and how do we know what other priorities they are balancing?

There is an implied flywheel in many projects - and especially with farmOS - where the community and documentation improves over time which in turn draws more resources, community, and documentation - and so on. I understand it can be frustrating seeing the potential of farmOS and not already seeing that flywheel spinning faster. The key in my mind is understanding that each of us (community / contributors) can only know for ourselves how much energy we can impart to that flywheel - nobody else has that insight.

That’s a long winded way of saying; a complete farm traceability project based on farmOS sounds awesome, I’m glad you’re excited about it. Maybe you hold the key to making it happen…


yeah i understand , but i’m a student who can’t even create a form

@Uzel as a software and electronics engineer of 2 decades, I can tell you the best way forward here is to find the balance between your passion, knowledge and intended goals as a student (or say, developer of the project you intend) and dive in from there. Just about 100% of the code is open source and can be studied and modified at will, the community is ready to help where they can and they too are devoting immense personal energy and time into this on top of their daily lives. I too will try to help, and I wrote this reply myself (it’s not a chatgpt lazy answer ). My point is, happy to help those who love what they want to do and want to learn. So peruse the documentation, add to it where it lacks force and help us strengthen FarmOS from there. By the time you’ve figured out forms and written a good amendment to the docs for it, you could teach us!
If you have specific questions, ask away.
May the froth be with you.