Farm_bee form additions

I apologize for my ignorance in programming up front, so be gentle. I am just getting into FarmOS, bought a subscription on Farmier and all that. I am wonder if there is a way to include a form (like this: and a similar one that is not quite so detailed for a “Hive Check Sheet”. It would need to be for individual hives/colonies. I have not asked GPMB about using thier form, it’s just a reference, but I am sure they wouldn’t mind.

Thanks for your help!!


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Hi @Nod welcome to the farmOS forum! :smiley:

That would be an excellent candidate for a “Quick Form” in the v2 branch of the Beekeeping module! Although quick forms do require programming.

Are you using farmOS v1 or v2 (if you signed up in 2021 then it’s v1)?

V2, just got registered yesterday, lol. I’ll help however I can…with the exception that I stated in my first post, lol. I am definitely NOT a programmer.

P.S. A mobile version would be awesome so a beekeep can access the historical data in the field. Sometimes a decision needs to be made asap and it would be helpful to know the history of a hive.

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@Nod if you have internet on your mobile device farmOS will work just fine! It is mobile friendly and will scale nicely on smaller screens, so you can access all your records in the field.

We’re also working on an offline-first mobile companion app called Field Kit, which we hope to release for farmOS v2 soon (still in development).

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So I figured I’d give it a whirl (I’ll try almost anything once) and tried to make this as a “Quick Form”. Followed the directions to get the module loaded, and now I can’t find the the link that is supposed to be in the toolbar. Am I missing something, or did I just brake it?

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There should be a link in the toolbar, but if you don’t see it there, do you see you quick form listed at http://hostname/quick ? Or maybe /quick/{quick_form_id} ?

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@Nod did you set up a local development environment? Or are you just trying to enable things on a Farmier-hosted instance? Farmier does not have tooling for development - all you’ll be able to do there is enable the existing Bee module, which does not include any quick forms currently.

Ah, ok. Well, I guess I’ll leave it up to you guys. Thanks for the help!!

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