Quick Form API Improvements

I’ve been giving some thought to next steps for improving/enhancing the farmOS Quick Forms API, so I thought I might open a forum topic as a place to brainstorm with others.

For example, one feature that is often requested is the ability “reload” records back into a quick form for editing. Generally quick forms can only be used for creating records, and after that they must be edited in the “raw” asset/log edit forms, which are complicated and don’t enforce the same kind of “conventions” that the quick form UI/UX provides. There has already been some experimentation towards this, in the “Move Animals” quick form in farmOS v1, and in the Rothamsted quick forms: farm_rothamsted/modules/farm_rothamsted_quick at 2.x · Rothamsted-Ecoinformatics/farm_rothamsted · GitHub

I created a feature request to think through ways we can standardize the process: Reloading records back into a quick form for editing [#3336484] | Drupal.org

Another one that came to mind today: it would be nice if you could quickly find all the records created by a particular quick form. I opened a feature request with a specific proposal for that as well: Views of assets/logs created by a quick form [#3336481] | Drupal.org

What other things come to mind when thinking about the Quick Form development process? Let’s use this topic to brainstorm, and I will spin off individual/specific feature requests as they crystalize… :slight_smile:


Oh another one that has been bouncing around in my head ever since we started the 2.x development: I would love to find a way to make quick forms reusable within Plans. For example: the Planting quick form could be a component of a Crop Planning module. A lot of the same fields need to be filled out in both cases, why not try to reuse the code? :slight_smile: