Interest in an inventory adjustment quick form?

I think it would be nice for farmOS to provide an “Inventory adjustment” quick form - to make it easier to record quick adjustments to asset inventory levels.

Currently, the process for adjusting inventory is:

  1. Create a log (any type).
  2. Add a quantity (any type) to the log with a value (and optionally measure/units, as these are used to differentiate multiple inventory levels in the same asset).
  3. Select the type of adjustment (increment, decrement, or reset).
  4. Reference the asset that is being adjusted.
  5. Save the log + quantity.

All of the same decisions would need to be made in a quick form, but a simplified UI would make it easier. You wouldn’t need to understand how to create a log for tracking inventory in order to quickly get started. And ongoing adjustments would be much easier.


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I think that would make it a lot easier.

In general, manual logging is boring, and we log more and more stuff.
And everything that makes logging quicker, with less effort, is most welcome.

Quickform is most welcome, but also easier quantity handling in logs.
Logging quantities require some efforts. It’s great with flexibility, but I think userfriendliness it losing big time here…

I think the user would benefit from simplified inventory-tracking in FieldKit too.
It often makes sense to adjust the inventory on the mobile, when the event actually happens.

Is it possible to make general quantity handling more user-friendly.
In the end, mayby that could reduce the need for some quickforms?

If you search and choose “kg” unit, it’s quite often a “weight”
It should not be needed to chose weight then.
A “kg” search sould prefill the type with “weight”.
If needed, the type could be changed after searching.
This maintains flexibility.

Another possibility is to keep favorite quantities, or recent/most used.
They could be easily selected via a dropdown or something.
If I had 5 favorites, it would cover most cases.


I would definitely make use of it.

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It sounds like a very useful quick form. I have planed for taking better stock of inventory this year, so anything to make it easier is welcome.

I’m looking forward to seeing a few more quick forms if for no other reason than as a reference for hopefully building some of my own in the future


I have some thoughts: (Quickform stage 2) :innocent:

Some adjustments are done just a few times, and some are done regulary.
For example an inventory of feed units of some kind would quite often be done on a daily basis, or pr week or so. If steps 1-5 could be saved as a preset/template that would simplify these adjustments alot…

Maybe someday these templates could work as an inventory part of the dashbard.
It could visualize the current inventory, and provide +/- buttons.

Also auto adjustments could be helpful. For example if you intend to feed 1 bale of an inventory every day in 1 month…

Probably not the most important task ATM tho…


@pat Yes, I definitely agree here. Any ability to automate those inventory numbers would be huge. For example, we often have one large order at the beginning of the season for our organic foliar sprays and fertigation inputs. If I could associate an inventory with every activity that uses these inputs to automatically decrease the amounts, that would be huge. There are times in the middle of the season, where I need to quickly know how much of a micronutrient we may have for a nutritional adjustment spray. Seeing these numbers in real time would be extremely helpful.

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