Quick Forms in V2?

I’ve installed the quick form framework in V2, but don’t see a quick form option in any of the menus.

I presume it is the case that some quick forms need to be created.
Has anyone made any quick forms for V2 yet?


@Farmer-Ed That’s correct - none of the quick forms from v1 have been ported yet. I am working on the Planting quick form right now, though!

Hoping to merge it before releasing 2.0.0-beta2. Here is the branch I’m working in: Comparing farmOS:2.x...mstenta:2.x-quick-planting · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub

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Thanks for that, don’t think you are the maintainer of the form I want, but that gives me something to mull over if I’m going to attempt my own.

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What form are you looking for?

One similar to Skippers animal quick weight to start with,
Although further down the line that requirement might be more suitable to being automated using farmOS.py if I can figure out how to integrate the scales with an RFID reader.

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Ah yes! FYI @paul121 has started working on a v2 Animal Weight module here: drupal.org/project/farm_animal_weight

That’s probably the best place to add an animal weight quick form. Perhaps @Skipper’s v1 module can be incorporated into that!

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I’m looking to start porting Quick Weight over to FarmOS2 as soon as I get some free time!
I’ve previously worked on integrating RFID from both a handheld reader and a weigh crate reader into an app I called iSheep, but I left that workplace, so stopped working on the app. (I’ve still got the hardware in my desk, but none of my current stock tags are RFID)
Using the REST api I had created a script to talk between FarmOS and some weighscales, but never completed it…
But with just the REST api and some backend code you can quite simply achieve what I think you’re after


Cheers @Skipper
I’ve considered something similar in the past, and long before I came across farmOS, I never had RFID/EID tags on the cattle so was never too pushed, but its now being made mandatory here in Ireland to us EID Tags on cattle, so all calves born on the farm this year will have them.

We built a cattle scales here a few years ago, and there is a serial port on the display, so I’d be confident that it is very doable, if I don’t get distracted by some other project/s.