Custom "Farm Shane Fungi" module based on Farm Fungi 2.x

I’m starting this thread in order to not complicate the other thread at “Approaching farmOS Module Development”. I am in the process of starting a mushroom farm with a friend of mine and love what is going on with farmOS, and how that can help us track our inventory and growing cycles.

Just like any type of farming, this can be a bit complicated to translate into an application (module) that handles the special terminology and SOPs (standard operating procedures) involved to get from spore (seed) to fruit (saleable product).

I basically copied the current Farm Fungi 2.x module to use as a base while I play around to see what I can get accomplished with my custom module.

Being a rookie at Drupal, and having spent many years away from any type of coding, this is quite a bit of a learning curve. However, that is not discouraging me from moving forward!

So here is the beginning of this topic for all to follow along my journey (obviously with the help of this great community). My hope is that any issues I encounter can help those trying to create their own custom module for whatever type of farming they are doing.

I’ll try to keep this thread updated along with my GitHub repo.

Feel free to chime in with any advice, input, solutions, etc. If all goes well, maybe this can be merged with Farm Fungi 2.x. Or perhaps completely replace it, if I do a good job. :wink:

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

The first two issues from GitHub will be posted next.

Prost! :beers:


Here is the direct link to the issues at GitHub.

To summarize:

Blockquote custom module error 2
Could this have something to do with the namespace path in my PHP file?

I’ll play around with it to see what happens unless someone has a definitive answer.

Blockquote image
A new error for me trying to install this custom model. Why is my shane_fungi plugin not being recognized?

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@shane_aldrich Great job! Diving right into the deep end! :smiley:

See my comment in your GitHub issue: farmOS Drupal error installing custom module · Issue #1 · s33a/farm_shane_fungi · GitHub - hope that helps - I’ll follow that thread and help more if I can.

My 0.0.1 branch now has a tabbed interface for the module dashboard.

I’ll be moving on to adding content other than text next.

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