Help needed for adding modules when hosted by farmier


I am new to FarmOS and currently have it hosted by Farmier as I do not have web development experience so am unsure how to set it up with my own server. I am trying to add modules to my farm’s platform, but I cannot figure out how. I have read many articles about adding modules to Drupal sites, but they all say to edit the source code or access the modules through an administrative part of the website I am trying to change. There is no direct access to an administration section on the FarmOS UX, but I entered /admin to the URL and found some promising content. However, when I try to click on any of the links on the help section under administration - such as " Enable additional functionality Next, visit the module list and enable features which suit your specific needs. You can find additional modules in the Drupal modules download section.” The resulting page says "Access Denied: You are not authorized to access this page.” Am I not able to add modules to my sight if it is hosted by Farmier?

Thank you so much for your help,

Hi @mleavens welcome to the farmOS forum!

I can help - if you want to send me a direct message with your farmOS URL and the modules you would like enabled, I can enable them for you. Just go to my profile and click the “Message” button in the top right:

Farmier hosting gives full access to farmOS record keeping features, but not to Drupal site admin. This is both for security and to ensure that nothing breaks (including upgrades to new farmOS versions). Hope that makes sense!

There is a new “farmOS Setup Wizard” in development that will give you the ability to enable modules yourself ( - so once that gets included then you won’t need to ask me anymore. But in the meantime I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:


Hi there, I am experiencing the exact same issue, Mike, could you activate the “Sensor” - Asset for me as well? I do have a valid subscription and I am mainly interested in the sensor-topic. I am however unable to find a messaging option in your profile-section. Can´t wait to get startet :). Many thanks in advance, BR Stefan from Austria

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Hi @ssedlak78 - sure thing! I enabled the Sensor and Listener modules - enjoy! :slight_smile:

You are amazing! Thank you so much - Your video-tutorial on the raspberry pi + grovepi+ and node-red was amongst the best I´ve seen in a long time. Did lead me to farmOS btw :slight_smile: . Thank you very much!

Thanks @ssedlak78! Credit goes to Chris Rowe for that video, though (if this is the one you’re talking about: :slight_smile:


Oh, sorry for the mixup, pls forward my compliments to Mr. Rowe!

I sat through last night, tinkering with NodeRed, my many RBPi´s and -of course -FarmOS.

I am -by profession- a strategic IT- portfolio & business developer for Austria´s largest ISP/Telco (A1) and I am so going to push farmOS, this is exactly what I have been looking for, for at least the past 9 months.

Would you be interested in a possible partnership, or do you already have partners/distributors/hosters in Europe?


Stefan Sedlak
Quergasse 8
A-4600 Wels
T.: +43 (0) 664 66 23 944

I recently got setup on FarmOS as well, I read through the forum and found this post but it says I cannot send you a message personally for some reason. Would like to have sensor and listener enabled for munchmicrogreens domain hosted on farmier

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@mbillion - Done! (And welcome to the forum!) :smiley:

I’ll look into why you weren’t able to send a message… maybe new forum users are restricted in some way.

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I think because I am literally so new. Erik just got us signed up with Farmier a little while ago and I just did my first seed event on system today. I was wondering about sensor module and I set this discord up after finding your post. Pretty sure its just needing to be on platform longer than 5 minutes

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and thank you for adding the module

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Hi Mike/all
I’m new to FarmOS and the community: sincere congratulations and thanks for this amazing initiative!

I’m also using the Farmier hosting
Could you please help me activate the following modules: Forest, Nutrient, Farm ledger, Sensors.
Would be great to se what they can do! Thanks a lot

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Hi Everyone,
I’m also new to this community and trying the farmier solution.
I notice in the self hosted option that it is possible to change the language, but probably because of all those security measurements in the hosted version I couldn’t find the option and neither the modules.
So one of the maintainers could please activate the Nutrient and Grazing modules, and include the translation to PT-BR.
Thank you in advance and I wish you all the best!

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Hi @AugustoHeil - welcome to the farmOS community!

Farmier hosting doesn’t officially support other languages at this time, but I hope to make that an official option with farmOS 2.x! I’ve helped a few people get set up with it in 1.x, but it requires some work to set up and maintain on my end. The translations are also not complete, so it won’t be a perfect experience.

On a similar note, I’m only enabling modules that have a working 2.x version available at this time. This is to ensure that I’m able to upgrade everyone to farmOS 2.x as soon as possible. The Grazing and Nutrient modules do not have a 2.x upgrade path (yet). For more updates on “add-on” modules like these, and their compatibility with farmOS 2.x, see:

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Hi @mstenta,
I appreciate your answer and understand why it is not viable to implement that right now.
Testing with the self-hosted / local option I saw the translations and noticed that it isn’t perfect but in some times it helps or relive the “pressure”.
I hope in the future all of this will be possible.
Let me test a little more and see if I can adapt myself to use the program.
Thank you!


@mstenta, I’m a newbie here and looking for a way to add the Farm Bee module to my project. Do I still need to ask you to manually add? Thanks for the help! I’m at User account | Honey Rock Landing

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Done! :slight_smile:


Kyle Holton
Honey Rock Landing

Phone: 501.701.8130
2444 Dominguez Canyon Rd
Delta, CO 81416

Hi I’m also having the same issue with not being able to message you. Our farm could do with a few modules putting on for us pleas.

Farm Bee
Farm Biodynamic
Farm Egg
Farm Forest
Farm Mushroom
Farm NWS
Farm Nutrient
Farm produce safety
Farm sensor
Farm WFS

thanks Martin Taylor

Hi @MiddleWorldFarm ! I did in fact get your message. See my reply for details. :slight_smile:

Repeating what I said above for others who find this in the future:

I’m only enabling modules that have a working 2.x version available at this time. This is to ensure that I’m able to upgrade everyone to farmOS 2.x as soon as possible.

Also for others: when farmOS 2.0.0 is available, you will have the ability to enable modules yourself, without asking me. So stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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