Custom Reports for Economic analysis

Hi All,

I am managing a farm ijn north africa and i did go acorss this great project. I did implement it to manage my farm (corp & live stock) but what i am missing is to be able to have a custom report for exconomic analysis. Below a simple use case

Given Cow A:logs :
-300$ food for the month
-100$ medical care for the month
-Did produce 100L of milk per day

=>I wan to have an analysis view to see the cost per L of milk for a specific Month
Is there any way or module to help me do this kind of “simple” computation or i can only relay on exporting data and then using excel to compute an analysis view

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Hi @aymenrafik welcome to the farmOS forum! :slight_smile:

The first step is to establish your “standard convention” for recording the data you will need to compute those reports. Are you logging those records already, or do you need help thinking though the best way to do it?

Once you have the data, there are a few options:

  1. Export to CSV and analyze in a spreadsheet (as you described) - This is the easiest because it doesn’t require any programming.
  2. Experiment with JupyterLite to create a custom report in Python/JavaScript (see Share your JupyterLite Examples)
  3. Build a custom farmOS module to add a custom report directly to the farmOS UI. This requires knowledge of Drupal module development (PHP), but provides the ultimate experience because you can view your reports directly in farmOS.

Since farmOS v2 was just released (on Jan 1) there aren’t any “built-in” reports yet - but I think it’s just a matter of time (and contributors!) before we see more reporting modules available to install.

For example, the “Animal Weight Report” module that was included with farmOS v1 is currently in development here: farmOS Animal Weight |


Thank you @mstenta for this clear and fast response.
I will defently have to establish the data “standard convention”.
For the report i think i will try with python using jupyterLite as a strater.

Thanks again !

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Great! If you make something useful with JupyterLite please share in that thread! It’s an exciting option and offers the ability for “shareable” notebooks!