Europe-Based Community Members

Hi folks!

I’m wondering if there are any FarmOS community members or contributors based in Europe. I’m the Tech Ecosystem Facilitator at OpenTEAM, and I’m heading to the Research Data Alliance Plenary in Gothenburg, Sweden (3/21-3/24). We’re currently focused on implementation of FAIR data principles, so excited to attend this event. Is anyone else in this network going to be at the RDA Plenary?

I’m also planning to travel around a bit the last week of March, and I’d love to meet with any FarmOS contributors located in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, or Spain, especially if you have a focus on data privacy policies and data sovereignty for farmers.



I know this is an old post but I wanted to say don’t give up. I think a lot of the happy farming FarmOS people have their hands too dirty in the soil to be here. They are out there. I am in South Africa and I find that it’s the same case here.