Help present farmOS at CAFF!

Hi everyone! This is a little short notice, but I’m hoping to find a farmOS user/farmer to help present and share their experience using farmOS at an upcoming event on March 1st at the CAFF Small Farm Tech Expo in Madera, CA. We had someone ready to go but unfortunately they will not be able to attend.

The presentation in particular will be a part of a panel discussion at 11am PT on open source and farm management software featuring team members and farm users from LiteFarm, Tend and FarmOS and will be moderated by @AmberS from OurSci. While the event is in-person and will not include virtual attendees, they can accommodate for virtual presentations if presenters cannot attend. Stipends are available to support presenter travel and help cover time.

If you are a farmer using farmOS and are happy to share your experience, you are qualified! :slight_smile: Bonus points if you are able to attend in-person, that would be amazing, but very happy to coordinate this as a virtual presentation. Reach out to myself here on the forum or via email if you are interested:

More details about the event are over in the GOAT forum: March 1st West Coast GOAT - Western North American GOAT - GOATech


It sounds like another option may be to pre-record a video to send over in advance and may be preferred over a virtual zoom presentation. The event will have interpreters translating to a couple languages which could make the virtual option a bit more complicated.

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