Funding Proposal: farmOS at the Regenerate Conference

Funding Proposal

Title: farmOS representation at the Regenerate Conference
Submitted by: Amber Subers
Cost: $400


I am attending the Regenerate Conference next month (Nov 1st-3rd) in Santa Fe, NM and my goal is to spread awareness and create connections for the various open source agricultural tools that I work with, including farmOS. The conference brings together ranchers, farmers, conservationists, land managers, scientists, and thought leaders to share knowledge, build community, and create a culture of resilience and regeneration.

Last year I attended Eco-Farm with Paul and farmOS was really intriguing to any farmer we come across as many are looking for a new way to keep records that is affordable, easy to use and community and value driven. In addition, over the past year I have worked with individual farmers to understand, clean-up and/or enhance their farmOS experience. I also interact with farmOS on a variety of other projects as well through Our Sci, Open Team and the Open Food Network.

There will be many farmers, ranchers and farm partners at the Regenerate Conference who work closely with small and/or upcoming farmers who will be looking for great resources like farmOS for record keeping. I am excited to continue to spread the word about farmOS at the Regenerate Conference!

The total cost for me to attend is around $2000, Our Sci has generously agreed to cover about half of that. I am asking for $400 from the farmOS community to help with the cost of the flight and rental car.

My intention is to build awareness and create connections while I am there. I also plan to create a synopsis of all of the projects and initiatives that I learn about during the educational sessions and share this with everyone.

Thank you for your consideration!


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Thanks for making this proposal @AmberS ! I support this.

On the GOAT community call you mentioned that we’re too late for a booth/exhibitor table which is a bummer, but like you described it does seem like a valuable opportunity to attend and network with everyone. I saw that OpenTEAM is a sponsor of the event and sounds like they may have a few folks attending as well. It sounds like our community could have a good presence that would be well received. Help us design more/better features for the grazing and ranching community!

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I agree! Thank you for the support Paul. :slight_smile:

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