Funding proposal: farmOS/GOAT Booth at Pasa Conference 2024 Feb 8-10

Funding Proposal

Title: Sponsor farmOS+GOAT as an exhibitor at the Pasa Sustainable Ag Conference
Submitted by: Michael Stenta
OpenCollective account: GOAT Booth at 2024 Pasa Conference
Cost: $250


I will be attending the 2024 Pasa Conference in Lancaster, PA Feb 8-10, and the wonderful folks at GOAT and Our Sci are going to be setting up a booth to share all our open source projects with the Pasa attendees. This conferences draws “1,600 to 2,000+ attendees each year” (per

We’ll be sharing the trade show with a lot of other big names too, so it will also be an opportunity to network and show all the cool things we’ve been building over the past few years! (Side note: I was at the Pasa Conference in Feb 2020 right before the pandemic hit, and this will be the first time I’ll be back at a big conference since then!)

The total cost is 800 for a booth, but we’re hoping to split it among a few organizations. Our Sci has already pitched in $250. So I’m proposing that we match that and add $250 from our OpenCollective funds.


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In the interest of time (with Pasa only two weeks away), I’m going to call this “Accepted” and get the money over to the folks who need it for the registration/reimbursement.

Thanks to everyone who voted “yes”! :smile:

On a related note, I started a topic to discuss formalizing these funding proposal processes even more, with deadlines, thresholds, etc. If you have thoughts, please share them: Funding proposal policy discussion

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