farmOS Monthly Call, 14 June 2023

farmOS Monthly Call, 14 June 2023

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Friday, June 23, 2023 6:00 PM - Call Link


  1. Community Q&A, Show & Tell, etc [5-10min]
  2. AgStack Asset Registry presentation by @sumer.johal [15 min]
  3. Our Sci farmOS feature development initiatives on OpenCollective [15 min]
  4. Adding more reviewers to farmOS-community-blog repo
  5. Create new wiki topic for next month from template.


  • Michael Stenta
  • Sumer Johal
  • Eddie
  • Fosten
  • wotnak
  • Morgan [Symbioquine]
  • Nat
  • Paul
  • Greg Austic
  • Nick (BOTL Farm)
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@sumer.johal of the AgStack Foundation would like to present on the Asset Registry project that they are working on, and how it might be useful to the farmOS community. I have added a 15 minute item to this call’s agenda.

mstenta: mstenta says:

mstenta: mstenta says:

Paul: Paul says:

Sumer Johal: Sumer Johal says:

Sumer Johal says:

Sumer Johal says:

Greg: Greg says:
Morgan [Symbioquine] (he/him): me says:
W.R.T. Asset Link improvements we discussed:
Paul: Paul says:
how to better herd the cats?