Fertilizer planning

How do farmOS users manage fertilizer planning.
There must be different rules for this around the world, and propably many solutions.

There was a module for this in v1?

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There wasn’t any special module for fertilizer planning in v1 - just the normal “Input” log type that also exists in v2. There was a “Soil amendment” quick form in v1, but based on feedback it wasn’t used very much.

The basic idea is you can create these input logs in advance, with specific dates, quantities, fields, etc - and then mark them as done (and/or update them) as they occur. It should be possible to capture everything that’s required. I’d love to see a more dedicated quick form or planning module develop to make the process faster/easier!

Curious to hear how others handle it currently. :slight_smile:

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My advanced planning happens in spreadsheets not in FarmOS. I use FarmOS to track and document actuals, purchases of material, field applications, applied rates, locations, related spend and costs and the like. Typically this is linked to Plant assets and fields. Purchase and Input logs used primarily.


My advanced planning happens in spreadsheets not in FarmOS.

It would be great (in the future) to collect various custom spreadsheets that folks have developed, compare/contrast them, find the commonalities, and see if we can develop a useful planning module in farmOS…


It might be useful to talk to companies that conduct field soil testing/sampling. This is done on a grid or in zones typically. The results I’ve received can be converted to field maps with recommendations for application rates. These maps also drive VRT files for running the variable rate application equipment. Maybe there is a way to pull in these data files and display in maps or as FarmOS geometries. It would be awesome to be able to see maps in FarmOS shaded by levels of a selected nutrient. Possibly use these soil sample maps for fertilizer planning within FarmOS at some point. Just ideas, no idea how to implement or the specifics of the files/formats. Research needed.