Food Safety and Gap

Does anyone use a GAP/Food Safety Activity Program in FarmOS? I’m wanting to integrate it into our FarmOS.


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Back in 2017 I worked with UVM to make this module for farmOS v1: GitHub - farmOS/farm_produce_safety: A produce safety record keeping module for farmOS. - this has not been upgraded to farmOS v2.

It provided 2 log types specific to food safety record keeping: “Worker Health” and “Training”. It also provided a simple dashboard to help guide growers to all the types of records they were required to keep, as well as a simple place to upload documents and SOPs. We had a lot of ideas for next steps with it at the time, but it was a fixed budget project so we could only go so far. Perhaps it could be resurrected and updated for v2, if those features would still be valuable.

I know for our operation it would be very valuable. Thanks!


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