Funding proposal brainstorm: Fundraising Initiatives

Hello farmOS Community! My gears have been turning lately on how we can put our OpenCollective funds to good use. Historically we’ve tried to focus these funds on non-development efforts to support the community, because development is expensive. But some recent discussion in chat made me think:

@Symbioquine: farmOS needs to be able to stand strongly enough that such a new player would need to justify themselves and their intentions. And it needs to keep accumulating passionate and exceptional community like we find here already.
@mstenta: Agreed.
@mstenta: And the perennial question is: what can we do to stay on that course?
@mstenta: With the resources we have
@mstenta: What broad and fine strokes are the most impactful
@Symbioquine: Yeah, there can be no complacency/stagnation.
@mstenta: And one big challenge we have is: most of our development right now is sponsored, which means that it largely focuses on the use-cases of groups who have money to fund us. That’s not a bad thing, but it doesn’t guarantee that long term and short term strategy is aligned.
@mstenta: And that of course raises the broader question: how do we (as a community) decide what the most impactful long term strategies are for the project as a whole?
@mstenta: I think we have an answer to these questions already. We have an OpenCollective: farmOS - Open Collective. And we have a “funding proposal” policy for proposing/voting on/spending those funds.
@mstenta: We just don’t have enough funds to support big development efforts.
@mstenta: We need fundraising initiatives :slight_smile:
@mstenta: Maybe we should propose to spend some of our funds on supporting a fundraising effort

I have little/no experience in “active” fundraising. All of our OpenCollective backer/sponsor growth has been “passive” (organic) thusfar.

What can we do to support a more active campaign to draw backers/sponsors to our OpenCollective?