Funding Proposal: Basic Subscription $9/mo

Funding Proposal

Title: Basic Subscription
Submitted by: Michael Stenta
Cost: $9/month (Pricing · Buttondown)


We’ve talked about setting up an official farmOS newsletter (separate from the existing newsletter), for community updates. is a newsletter service that is simple, affordable, and automateable. (thanks @jgaehring for suggesting!)

They offer a free tier up to 100 subscribers, so I started an account to try it out and so far I’m loving it!

The Basic subscription is $9/mo, allows up to 1000 subscribers, and enables additional paid features including API access, analytics, CSS customization and more.

In the farmOS chat we were brainstorming some ideas for API automation that would be fun to experiment with: IRC logs for #farmOS, 2022-11-11 (GMT) |

I propose we subscribe for the Basic plan and give this a go!


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We decided to approve this on one of the recent monthly calls… so we’re good to go on this whenever we want to. I figured we can wait until we’re ready… maybe after we have a Blog->Newsletter API integration like we discussed. Added that to the agenda for the next monthly call…

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