Import Polygons in add land asset


I have been using Farm OS on my Farm for the 2023 season and lovin it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wonder if it is possible to import Polygons directly under the Map in add land asset creation, want to import the field from the EU grant applications & forestry surveys (.xml)?

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Hi @Manne - welcome to the farmOS forum!

Yes, there are a few options, depending on what format your geometry is in (or what format(s) you can convert it to)…

The box under the map accepts “Well-Known Text” (WKT) formatted geometry data. If you have WKT, you can paste it directly into that box and if it is valid it should show up on the map.

The other option is KML, if you have KML file(s) of your geometries. farmOS includes two optional KML modules that you can enable. The base KML module adds the ability to upload KML files to you assets, and the click a button to import from the file into the data field below the map. This works well if you have a single geometry in a single KML file.

If you have one KML file that has lots of geometries in it, there is also a KML Bulk Import module, which adds a form for uploading a single KML file and generating Land assets for each geometry that is in it.

The farmOS User Guide describes both of those options: Mapping locations | farmOS