Inclusion of alternative imagery layers

I am wondering if it is possible to include the ability to use other imagery than Goolge and OpenStreet Map in the map view?

For me the “Land Tasmania Aerial Photography Coverages” is has the best offering (details below). I imagine that others might be in a similar boat with different jurisdictions.

Can be viewed at here (change the base map):
Layer details here:



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Hi @spikusmax - yes this is possible! But it requires creating a new farmOS module. It also requires that the layers you want to include are available as a hosted tile set.

Basically, what we need to do is create a module that adds the layer to the farmOS OpenLayers map.

I am currently in the process of upgrading the farmOS OpenLayers map library to make it easier to do these kinds of things, in fact. I hope to release that this month. See Starting work on farmOS-map library

Once that’s done, there will be some example modules included in farmOS that you can use to build your own. So stay tuned for a newsletter update when that rolls out!

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