MVP for general purpose custom aerial imagery module

There have been some discussions recently (in chat, forum, and the monthly call that is happening as I type this :smiley: ) about how best to add custom aerial imagery to farmOS. This is already possible via a custom module, but one idea that has been proposed is to create a general-purpose module that allowed doing some of this in the farmOS UI.

This would still assume you have the layers hosted somewhere (eg: as a COGS file on AWS or elsewhere). As opposed to the more elaborate “Imagery Asset” idea: Imagery asset - any interest?

The minimal requirements for a farmOS module might be:

  • farmOS-map
    • Add support for COGS
  • farmOS module
    • Configuration/settings form that allows users to define layers to add to the map, each with the following pieces of info:
      • Layer name
      • Layer type (for farmOS-map)
      • URL
      • “Base layer” boolean?
    • farmOS-map JS behavior that loads the list of layers from settings and adds them to the maps

If this were to become a farmOS core module (I think it should!), then the following would also be necessary for the module:

  • Automated tests
  • Documentation

Here is the relevant chat logs from a few days ago: IRC logs for #farmOS, 2022-04-11 (GMT) |