Is there a way to add irrigation lines in farmOS?

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Is it possible to map irrigation systems in farmOS?

Thank you!

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Sure! I would recommend drawing these as “Areas”, and set the “Area type” to “Water”. This will be colored blue on your maps.

In farmOS 2.x, “Areas” are becoming new types of “Assets”, including “Land assets”, “Structure assets”, and “Water assets”. So… in the future when you migrate to 2.x, any “Water areas” you create in 1.x will automatically become “Water assets” in 2.x. They will work the same, and show on the map, but you can also do things that we’re possible in 1.x like “archive” these assets if you make major changes to your irrigation lines, for instance (“Areas” in 1.x could not be archived).

Hope that helps!


That’s great! I’ll give it a try.
Thank you very much for the fast reply and for all your work on farmOS!

It sure helps, have a great day ahead!


I am also interested in this. In 2.x can we specify what type of water asset were creating? (i.e irrigation valve, pump station, pond). Additionally, can we specify details such as irrigation capacity (inches/hour), emitter spacing, number of drip lines, etc? As I write this, I’m starting to think it may require a custom build with @paul121.



This question got me thinking along the same lines @mason.lanphear. In 2.x Water assets don’t have a concept of “type” like the land and structure assets do. Another module could add a “type” field to water assets though, as well as fields for the other values you mentioned.

This gets tricky if each “type” of water asset needs different fields though. One solution would be to create separate asset types for each water type… but that starts to get messy.

This makes me think of @Symbioquine idea for “traits” which would be a more flexible way of defining these types of values. If the water asset has a “flow”, you could specify its flow rate. If it has emitters, you could specify those values. It seems like for anything numerical our existing quantity might be sufficient.


@catalinux777 Was there anything in particular you were hoping to map out? Does the simple Water asset accomplish what you need? Just curious!

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Agreed @paul121. Irrigation is much more critical out west, so I could see this as an optional module for growers who have a lot of irrigation infrastructure to track but certainly not something that is default for all farmOS instances.

Being able to represent irrigation sets, valves and pump stations will be essential for Vital to help growers track applied water and forecast run-times based on water demand models and irrigation system capacity. But I could see how that may be irrelevant in high precipitation areas :slight_smile:

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Hey @paul121,

For now I just needed to make a simple map of where the irrigation lines are placed on the ground and which where it connects.

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