Localized front end to Farmos backend, what APIs integration are recommended?

Launching the first pioneer startup in digital agri fintech application domain in Egypt and the arabic world,implementing best of breed IOT, AI, ML and GIS solutions, how can this startup align and benefits from FarmOS, can we use farmos as backend and build a local Arabic front end mobile application, what APIs does the community recommend ?


Hi @Engwalidnasr, there is general API info here: https://farmos.org/development/api/.

We also have some client libraries available in Python and JavaScript for connecting to a farmOS server, which aim to simplify some of the weirder bits of the main REST API. I’m also developing a frontend client, called Field Kit, using Vue.js and Cordova, which might be useful for reference. Happy to discuss possible approaches and lessons I’ve learned along the way, while developing that client.

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This forum post is a good place to learn about the considerations around localization/translation: farmOS translation (i18n)