farmOS 2.0 Translation/Localization (l10n) Initiative

Greetings farmOS community!

As we approach the first beta release of farmOS 2.0, it seems like a good time to begin thinking about translation/localization! A number of people have expressed interest in helping with various languages, so I thought it might be worth creating a forum topic to organize the effort.

There is still significant work being done on frontend features in the 2.x branch, so more strings that need translation will be added over the coming months. But I think if we spend some time establishing a process for contributing translations in parallel it will put us on a good track moving forward.

If you are interested in contributing translations, please subscribe to this topic! If you have experience with Drupal localization, and would like to help lead this effort, comment below! All help is welcome!


Here is the official tracking issue, which we can use for tracking specific development steps as they are identified: [META] farmOS 2.x Localization [#3159886] | - This forum topic can be for general discussion and strategy.

A good first step IMO is to write documentation for how to contribute translations, which we can include on

We may want two separate documentation pages: one for how to contribute translations, and one for how to deploy/host farmOS with translations. There will often be overlap between the two audiences, I imagine, but keeping them separate feels like a good long-term way to organize things.

Love this! Can’t wait to see how this can be integrated into Field Kit!

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